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Why BlueJava?

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Why work with BlueJava?

Just the specialists you need

The insights skills needed to uncover the underlying motivations that drive buying decisions are surprisingly rare. Our expert-level skills stem from speciality (single-focus) sensory and innovation research consultancies. We use both typical user research methods as well as advanced projective, image-based and laddering techniques.

To Align your Team

BlueJava team members are certified in business facilitation. We use impactful, underlying user insights and facilitation skills - usually within the Design Thinking framework - to more naturally align team members and stakeholders.

For a Holistic Approach

With the lines blurring between sectors in all areas - we’ve found a holistic approach is needed more than ever . We come from specialist consultancies in sensory research, user insights and engagement marketing as well as bigger-picture brand development players (AMV-BBDO, Johnson & Johnson and SCA-Essity). 

More about BlueJava

Besides client-side product launch experience, we have expertise in a wide range of qualitative, quantitative and newer, hybrid user research tools and methods.

All BlueJava team members have 10 years of experience in their specialty area. Individual team members also have formal training in Design Thinking, Business Facilitation and Lego Serious Play Facilitation.

BlueJava Insights is a member of the UXPA (User Experience Professionals Association, Global) and the QRCA (Qualitative Research Association, USA).

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