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Our Work

Our Work

Our Work

We develop insights-based marketing strategy - and provide the support - needed to guide internal teams and creative partners through a smoother, more effective marketing development path.

Whether a complete plan is needed or you only need to fill in gaps in an existing strategy - we believe that consistently effective marketing is based on a deeper customer and market understanding.


Plugging into Clean(er) Energy

How can you overcome the barriers to using renewables and grow the market?


Positioning a Fintech Bank

How can you find a motivating positioning in a crowded market.


Entering New Markets

How to enter a new market when you don’t know the culture.

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Creating a New Product Category in Germany

How can you make a mark with something new in a field of deeply entrenched snacks?


Who(m) have We worked for?

BlueJava team members have helped the following companies use deeper customer and market insights to create or adapt existing marketing strategies.

Actually, team members have worked with a wider range of companies and sectors than what’s listed here, but this gives you an idea of the experience we’ll bring to the table.