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Why was BlueJava started?

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BlueJava was started in mid-2015 when Claire, a colleague from my London days, called me out of the blue on a Sunday morning while I was drinking a cup of “java.”

She wanted me to take on a marketing insights project for a large, renewable energy investment fund.

Renewable energy? What’s not to like - it’s the future, I thought as I took a sip from my turquoise-blue coffee mug.

Still, I wanted to say no only because my experience was in consumer goods insights-marketing strategy. But I sensed that Claire really needed me to say yes to this one.

Maybe it was the multiple science and engineering genes that I have in my family emerging, but wow. I can’t believe I almost missed that big chance.

The feeling of purpose when I got up every day was new. I never wanted to give that up.

I, along with my business partners, ended up digging deeply into our branding, marketing communications and insights knowledge. Closely collaborating with technical experts, we took complex topics and boiled them down to something that people could see, feel, smell, touch.

It made me stop and think. What if I and the talented people I work with started channelling our skills toward sustainable products that make a positive difference. What if we started networks of companies that want to make an impact?

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Margaret Amein, M.B.A., Owner, BlueJava Insights. 

Fan of blending separate skillsets. Happiest when doing something sporty in nature. An American-Finnish-Afghan currently living in Germany.