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Copy of Backstory March 2019

Why was BlueJava created?

While in marketing roles for London-based start-ups and global consumer goods corporations (Johnson & Johnson and SCA-Essity), my colleagues and I had plenty of statistics (analytics) and information. Sometimes that information made all the difference. And, at other times, less so. Senior management would then look at beautifully presented charts and tables and say…

That’s nice to know, but what does this mean for the business?
— Senior Management, Everywhere

If they had to ask, you already knew which box that project fell into.

Eventually moving away from launching new consumer brands, I started uncovering market and consumer insights full-time. I began to work with experienced and talented insights specialists. Either they had valuable, niche skills that I didn’t even know existed or I simply would not have been able to find them while on the client-side. I was struck by how consistently useful the results were when we worked together.

I also began to see how user and market insights had played a far larger role in past launch successes or failures than I had realised. Often, my colleagues and I had settled for the standard data pack and not the insights we really needed - only because we didn’t have connections to the right people.

That’s when I knew it was time to start BlueJava Insights.  By combining a client-side perspective with talented, independent specialists - we’d be able to consistently help companies use user insights in a way that no-one would ever have to ask what they mean for the business..

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Margaret Amein, M.B.A., Owner, BlueJava Insights. 

Fan of blending separate skillsets. Happiest when doing something sporty in nature. An American-Finnish-Afghan currently living in Germany.