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Introducing a new Product

Hello Germany! 


Client:  A start-up unit embedded in a large, stock-listed corporation based in Germany.

The Challenge: Early stage user insights were needed to lay the groundwork to introduce a snack food new to the German market to be sold online. Examples of the many open questions that needed to be answered were:

  • Who are the likely customer groups

  • Reaction to the potential names and prototypes

  • What are the barriers to usage / buying triggers 

What We Did:  We blended specialists in new product innovation; brand development; the German market and digital behaviour.

By combining experienced specialists with a best-in-class innovative research tool, we were able to condense months of work into weeks. 

Results: The client team was clearly delighted with the quality and speed of their fast-track, insider view of the German guilty-pleasure snacking landscape. Still, it wasn’t until they actually started using the results that they moved from being pleased to becoming a strong advocate for our work.

Insights were used to develop design work so emotionally impactful, some of the test-customers reported dreaming about it.

Powerful, emotional insights that resonated with the German market helped align views of internal team members and gain the support of reluctant, external stakeholders.

Next steps for the product involve using insights to refine the online communications strategy, which includes a highly creative social media campaign with Germany's Next Top Model.