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Upgrading the User Experience - eCommerce

Brushing out the Competition


Client:  A medium-sized beauty and wellness company based in the U.S.

The Challenge: A new type of haircare product sold online was clearly attracting users who were converting to customers. But due to new competition online, the company was suddenly encountering both conversation and retention issues.

HQ was stressed and puzzled. Was it the overall user experience? Was it the pricing?

Attempts to find out what was going wrong quantified and confirmed the extent of the conversion and retention issues - but lacked any insight into the reasons behind that and how to do something about it.

What we did: Using innovative tools and techniques, it only took a few weeks to set up and work with a relatively large sample of both current and lapsed customer - enabling us to quickly fill in the knowledge gaps.

Results: Because the user research validated and fit in with what the client already knew - the team was already aligned and implemented changes almost immediately. Most are still in place today.

The User Experience Research:

  • Confirmed the extent of dissatisfaction with the overall experience.

  • Highlighted ways to make the overall experience more emotionally interactive and entertaining in order to improve both conversion and retention.

  • Uncovered other key barriers to retention such as confusion over how to use the product.

  • Confirmed suspicions that there was a significant pricing problem.

  • Explained why some customers would continue to switch suppliers based on price / why some customers would leave and then stay with a specific supplier.

  • Explained how the basic product offer could be changed to avoid competing on price.

    Other findings that were not implemented included how to create a true community of product users (there was interest) as well as why and how to gamify mobile purchases of this product.