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Welcome to BlueJava Insights

We believe you need to look beneath the surface.

Science is telling us that buying decisions are often emotional and rationalised only after the decision has already been made.

A cross-sector user and customer insights team based in London and Frankfurt, we’ve seen first-hand how much - usually overlooked - emotional aspects matter. That’s why adding a specific, but seemingly unimportant, feature or making a minor change to your messaging can make all the difference.


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What we believe

You need to look beneath the surface, because people are often not even aware of the true reasons behind responding to one product and rejecting a similar one.

What we do

We help you use underlying user and customer insights to make tweaks to your messaging / product or for an overall more motivating user experience.

Who we are

Based in London and Frankfurt, we are a cross-sector team of independent brand development, digital behaviour and user experience (UX) research specialists.